Stephen Gyllenhaal is Maggie and Jake’s father


Stephen Gyllenhaal is father to Actors Maggie and Jake

Hollywood director Stephen Gyllenhaal is the father of big screen twins Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Stephen was married to the twins’ mother Naomi Foner for thirty-two years until their divorce in 2009.

Gyllenhaal was born and raised in Ohio, but his ancestry is Swedish. Centuries ago, the family name as Haal.

Then, in 1652, Nils Gunneson Haal who served as a cavalry officer was made a nobleman by order of Queen in 1652. Haal was likely bestowed the honor for his role in defending Sweden during the “Thirty Years’ War” which had ended a few years earlier. Upon being ennobled, the Queen changed his name to Gyllenhaal -“gyllen” being Swedish for “golden”.

The family has been known by that name ever since. Stephen graduated from Trinity College with a degree in English in 1972. His wife of 32 years was a screenwriter. Stephen has directed 18 films.

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